fme True DevOps for Cloud Projects

Success through automation of you infrastructure and software development process

We employ and combine proven products and services to automate your Cloud projects. The ‘fme True DevOps’ method and toolset can be used for different scenarios which utilize your cloud services, including web applications, IoT setups, or machine learning scenarios in the Azure or AWS cloud.

DevOps Tool Chain

DevOps Toolchain

Security is an important topic, so it is essential to implement multi-level security mechanisms as part of this method. The DevOps Toolchain makes it possible to meet the security requirements of highly regulated industries, such as finance and life sciences. It is also possible to combine the DevOps toolchain with an enterprise LDAP.

fme True DevOps for Microsoft Azure Projects

The True DevOps range of services consists of a set of templates used to preconfigure services for continuous automation and monitoring of development processes, infrastructure development and replication, as well as for agile operating structures. These templates can be seamlessly integrated in your Azure projects throughout the entire application lifecycle – from the integration and test phase all the way to the provisioning and implementation phase. fme always uses thoroughly tested and established products that are already widely used for this purpose. That way, companies never have to worry about having to deal with any technical experimentation during the decision-making process.

fme True DevOps Azure
DevOps Workshop

DevOps Workshop

Enjoy the benefits of automating your Microsoft Azure infrastructure and software development projects with fme True DevOps. DevOps principles unite software development, IT operations, and quality assurance and build the basis required for these tasks to be performed. We’ll show you what you need to get the job done.

Perhaps our DevOps Workshop would be a good primer for your business.


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