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25 years of digital love.

A Solution Tailored to Your Needs: On Premise or in the Cloud

We offer a complete range of services that provide flexibility, agility, and security, which in turn allows us to create solutions that are tailored to your needs.

360° fme Professional Services

We ensure a seamless implementation of the OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences Solution Suite and support you with the alignment on the business process – also on a global scale!

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Webinar: How to Migrate Your Content to the LSQM System with migration-center

On-demand Webinar

How can you migrate your data to the LSQM module? What are the challenges involved and how can you overcome them? Find out more in our on-demand webinar, which also includes a demonstration.

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Do You Want to Expand Your OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences Solution?

We and fme-Partner offer a large number of expansions. These include Widgets (e. g. Dimension Viewer & Simplified User Interface) as well as an integration of Microsoft SharePoint, Extedo eSUBmanager and Sparta Trackwise.

fme is 25!

From a small, regional IT system house to an international consulting firm for digital transformation with almost 300 employees. Celebrate virtually with us!

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    OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences
    Turnkey solutions, standardized processes, and seamless information sharing

    Are you looking for a holistic Life Sciences Solution to meet regulatory compliance requirements, increase efficiency and productivity, balance access, control and localization as well as securely collaborate across the enterprise?

    OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences is a basic framework for document management applications that optimizes access, management, and exchange of information in life sciences companies, making information silos a thing of the past.

    Your benefits

    • Improved business productivity and efficiency
    • A trusted, compliant and scalable ECM-/Documentum platform that is cloud ready
    • Integrated, easy to configure purpose-built solutions with intuitive user interface
    OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences Modules

    The pre-configured, integrated solutions are based on best practices for this industry branch and are available as specific business modules for standardized business processes for the business areas of quality assurance, clinical and non-clinical research, and regulatory issues.

    Electronic Trial Master File

    Optimal planning, collection, and coordination of clinical studies that can be reviewed at any time

    You can improve and review your study’s structure by quickly compiling the necessary documents with the Electronic Trial Master File solution. Collect and synchronize documents with sponsors, clinical contract research organizations, and others. The Solution Suite also enables a real-time insight into the process for capturing study documents and guarantees successful audits thanks to a system that can be reviewed at any time.

    Research & Development

    Quicker creation, review, and approval of documents subject to compliance

    This business model ensures that all documents are completed for submission and have undergone a review and approval process based on industrial standards. They improve authors’ productivity and simplify the review process. Furthermore, the solution enables a quick document search to compile your submission documents more quickly.

    Submission Store and View

    Ensure a seamless overview of all regulatory activities

    The Submission Store View Solution simplifies the search and request of archived submissions and the documents connected to it. Import regulatory submissions in eCTD, NeeS, or paper format and store them with the accompanying communication. This solution provides you with a comprehensive insight into your regulatory activities. You can easily access correspondence on products or submissions.

    Quality & Manufacturing

    Simplified creation, coordination, review, and approval of GMP documents

    This user-friendly Solution Suite ensures adherence to compliance regulations for good manufacturing practices (GMPs). Review quality and manufacturing documents and automated, company-wide workflows. Manage industry-specific processes and guarantee appropriate change procedures. This business model allows documents to be quickly and easily shared even with global users.



    Our 360° fme Professional Services

    We developed our 360° fme Professional Services based on our 15+ years of experience working with ECM for life sciences and collaborating with global customers as well as medium-sized manufacturers. We will draw on our industry and content migration expertise, proven Prince 2-based project management methodology, and Roll Out Support (module-by-module vs. complete solution) to make your project a success. We are happy to help you, whether you require a local solution or a solution operated from a private, public, or hybrid cloud.

    OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences Lifecycle Service

    We will help you throughout the entire lifecycle, from process analysis, solution development, installation, and configuration through to adaptation, integration, global operation, and round-the-clock support.

    OpenText Documentum Content Migration Service

    Our migration-center is the bridge between your content in file or legacy systems and OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences. Understanding the target Opentext Documentum for Life Sciences object design based on the principles of the DIA reference model is one of the core expertise areas of fme for migrations. Further, fme’s migration-center software combined with best practice experience qualifies fme as first choice for Life Sciences companies to support complex and critical migration projects.


    For specific migration paths with the target of D2 based systems, migration-center supports a so called in-place migration to streamline the process. Object IDs and audit trail entries remain during this conversion.

    migration-center Validation Package

    The migration-center Validation Package is a new and exclusive approach based on best practices that simplifies the verification process and therefore reduces the time the business is involved in migration projects. This additional package for migration-center projects consists of two basic components: A collection of needed document templates and consulting services to adapt the templates to the individual client validation needs.


    Our OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences Services at a Glance


    Now, with fme and the OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences, you are embracing the future with unprecedented efficiency, agility, document control and compliance that‘s key to getting products to market ahead of the competition. We look forward to your challenge!

    Container technology meets OpenText Documentum

    Are you facing the challenge of regularly providing new Documentum environments? Do the costs for operating and documenting your systems constantly increase? Is the deployment of new software components very timeconsuming?

    Containers are the next big step in IT infrastructure like mainframes in the 1990s, computers in the 2000s or virtual machines in the 2010s. Software and services, hosted in containers, are flexible, efficient, quickly available, stable and scalable and have many advantages in maintenance. Containerization – e.g. with Docker – is widely known as a technology used especially by cloud service providers. However, the use of containers does not automatically mean that applications are moved to the cloud. It is also possible to set up a containerized on-premises environment – depending on the needs of your business. Take advantage of this decade‘s technology to further optimize the operation of your OpenText Documentum environment.