May 8, 2020 | by Dirk Bode | 0 Comments

Erfolgsfaktoren für effektive und effiziente Besprechungen

Every year billions of dollars are wasted due to inefficient meetings. Especially now, in the COVID-19 crisis, we all need to pay attention to effective and efficient meetings. It’s about analyzing our environment at breakneck speed, reducing costs, conserving liquidity, developing new markets and identifying the right support programs, to name just a few of the challenges.

I spend over 25% of my “normal” business life in meetings. I have led good and bad meetings and attended good and bad ones. In this post, I have taken the opportunity to briefly summarize the most important success factors for effective (doing the right things) and efficient (doing things right) meetings from my own perspective.

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Mar 26, 2020 | by Daniel Pelke | 0 Comments

Useful Links to Content Focusing on the Behavior While Working From Home

Many thanks for the great feedback we received on our recent blog post > Best Practices Checklist for Large-scale Relocation of Work From the Office to Working From Home.

As a brief follow-up, we want to share some useful links to content focusing on the behavior while working from home. My colleagues from fme AG compiled the link collection to adjust to the changed working conditions.

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Jul 29, 2019 | by Valentin Jansen | 0 Comments

It is the 08th of July 2019 at 7:30 o’clock. At fme AG’s office in Brunswick, everything looks like it is going to be a normal Monday morning. The first employees are making themselves comfortable at their workplaces and trying to dispel their tiredness with a hot cup of coffee. Some people wonder about the whereabouts of the dishes and cutlery before going back to their desks to turn on the computer. But the supposed calm is deceptive. Because this week shouldn’t be an ordinary one.

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Jul 10, 2019 | by Alessia Zappietro | 0 Comments

student at fme

Monday morning, for some this is the agonizing beginning of the week and the work stress, for me this is the time of anticipation until I’m back at the fme office. Because when I go to the office in the morning; I’m already expected with a sweet smile and a “Hah, good that you’re there!”. For one or the other, these words may already scare the ToDo list. I, on the other hand, wonder what will happen this week…

So while I’m still thinking about all the adventures, I move slowly in the direction of the computer and again need tens of starts to type in the password correctly. After successfully completing the mission, I discuss today’s daily routine with my colleague. Once this is done, it goes to the preserves.

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Apr 24, 2019 | by Lars Vornholt | 0 Comments

Docker the game changer

How Docker changed my life as a developer? To be honest – completely!

Before I start to explain why and how, let’s ask the obvious question – What is Docker? It is the world’s leading containerization platform, and it’s vision is “Build, Ship, and Run Any App, Anywhere” by enabling independency between application and infrastructure.

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Mar 11, 2019 | by Enrico Kerwel | 0 Comments

Consultant at fme

It is the first Wednesday of November, a special day because today is our team lunch. Recently I have been working on a project to introduce an enterprise content management system to manage plant-specific documents. A multitude of installation, configuration and implementation tasks have to be done.

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Dec 21, 2018 | by Tobias Stein | 0 Comments

In short: fme makes it possible – beyond the > fme Academy – to easily integrate exciting further training formats into everyday working life. In this blog post you can find out what experiences I have had with the > Udacity – Data Analyst NanoDegree and how extensive further training can be integrated into everyday work at fme.

But now more concretely:

…my name is Tobias Stein and I have been working at fme AG for more than 2 years as assistant to the board of directors. One of my tasks is the preparation and analysis of the fme key figures and their visualization for the management.
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Dec 6, 2018 | by Simon Wachtmann | 0 Comments

Rooftop party and introductory training - my start as a working student at fme
My name is Simon and who doesn’t know me yet – I am the new working student in marketing at fme.
Now it’s almost Christmas and our Rooftop-Party a while ago, but I want to tell you how it all started in August this year and how I felt when I joined fme.

I’m studying Media Management in the 3rd semester at Ostfalia in Salzgitter. As a flat of my own, tuition fees and the things of everyday student life unfortunately cost a lot of money, it was now time to look for a job as a working student. After a very nice and apparently successful job interview in marketing, I got an acceptance for the job on 16.07.2018. Overjoyed I told of course my family and friends that I now belong to the working population as well.

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Oct 25, 2018 | by Anke Brandt | 0 Comments

Three valuable days

Some of the employees of fme may have wondered why my departments (HR & Finance) are increasingly asking them to take a look at their departments’ work for a day this year. Just like that?

The idea behind these inquiries is our working title “Three Valuable Days”. Within the scope of the target agreements, I have made the experience in the past that we have far too often sacrificed partial goals in terms of creativity, “decluttering” or even “thinking outside the box” to day-to-day business or other apparently more important tasks. read more

Sep 12, 2018 | by Antje Dwehus | 0 Comments

There is cake in the casino - English as a company language

English is the official company language of fme. While this is a great advantage for an international operating company, I also get sometimes the impression that students (which I usually meet at recruiting events) and other business contacts, such as potential freelancers, are wondering if their language skills are good enough and if they would meet the expectations of the company.
Therefore I would like to give you a little insight into our office culture and how English as a corporate language affects our daily work.

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