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25 years of digital love.

Information and Intuition

We ensure the timely availability of critical data at all management levels with our BI solutions. The internally developed, clear dashboards leave no room for misinterpretation and improve not just reporting but also the organizational culture of our clients.

All-round Service

fme relies on tailored BI products and offers an all-round BI service that includes workshops on needs analysis, technical solution integration, training sessions, support, and maintenance.

fme is 25!

From a small, regional IT system house to an international consulting firm for digital transformation with almost 300 employees. Celebrate virtually with us!

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Working in Corona times: Tips for companies & employees

With this blog collection we want to help others to get through Corona times in the best possible way.


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    Business Intelligence
    Gain valuable insights into your company data in order to make well-founded operational and strategic decisions.

    … get all the information you need from one another!

    Being able to effectively analyze the pool of business data and use this information to make quality decisions has always been critical to a company’s success. In view of how fast innovation is taking place today, having this ability is more important than ever.


    fme Business Intelligence-Framework

    Our fme BI framework provides you with valuable 360° views of your corporate data. Our clients rely on our experienced Business Intelligence (BI) consultants for their business needs, from data integration, planning, and analysis and reporting solutions to the implementation of visualization standards. In doing so they specifically benefit from our mature industry knowledge in the life sciences and manufacturing industries.

    Our Business Intelligence Solutions

    Data Integration

    Separate areas within a company that operate independently of one another produce heterogeneous data sets. It is crucial to harmonize these data sets in order to ensure that your company can combine and analyze all of the data produced by all departments in your company.

    To this end, we offer a data integration solution tailored to your needs. This may involve application-oriented solutions or holistic approaches that incorporate a data warehouse for reporting.

    Reporting & Analysis

    Many systems such as ERP, CRM, and other software solutions inherently include a reporting capability. This is generally restricted to the provision of information through standard reports. However, what companies need in these fast-paced times is flexible analysis options to guarantee short reaction times and fast adaptation to market events.

    Our years of project experience have shown us what the analysis and provision of information depends on. You need meaningful, unambiguous reports and flexible self-service analysis options* that you can present to the right contacts to help them with their decision-making.

    We can support you with your reporting and analysis requirements, from definition to rollout, from real-time analyses such as for your production environment to complex sales analyses and global KPI dashboards or simple standard reports. To do so, we use solutions such as QlikView and Qlik Sense.

    *Self-service BI
    Enable your end users to access clearly-defined key figures, diagrams, and dashboards. These can be enriched with additional data and new analyses easily generated. We can help you with the design and implementation of such BI self-service environments. With our self-service solutions, you can quickly and flexibly react to requests or market changes without your IT department having to be involved in the generation of reports via a lengthy process.

    Advanced Analytics

    You can gain new insights into your data by combining statistical procedures with modern analysis methods.

    We will develop a platform tailored to your individual business processes, enabling you to autonomously analyze your data.


    Under the slogan ‘Information instead of Intuition,’ we ensure the timely availability of critical data at all management levels with our BI solutions.

    We provide an IT environment with which users are capable of carrying out analyses and generating reports autonomously and independently of the IT department. The internally developed, exceptionally clear dashboards leave no room for misinterpretation and improve not just reporting but also the organizational culture of our customers.


    Strong Business Intelligence Partner

    Our long-term partnerships with selected companies are vital in light of the fast growth of the business intelligence market. Our partnerships enable us to provide you with cutting-edge, best-practice BI solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs.